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HX3 Drawbar Module

HX3 Mrk 5 Version 3.5 Engine

DB-c Drawbar Controller for HX3

DB-c Drawbar Controller for the HX3 Module

DB-3 Full Drawbar Controller with HX3 built in

DB-c & HX3 Combo Package $aveings

DB-e Full Drawbar Controller with HX3 Inside

DB-e Full Drawbar System with HX3 Inside


If you're into Tonewheel Clones and want to add to your present MIDI rig. Update your Hammond XB2, DIY and build your own organ or upgrade a Hammond B-3000 to make it sound like a real B3. There are many things you can do with KeyboardPartner Products.



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MAG Custom Organs

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Mag C2 - AKA Duet

MAG Custom Organ Model C2 aka Duet

Mag Custom Organ P2 aka Quartet

MAG Custom Organ Model P2 aka Quartet


MAG Customer Organs. Two models to choose from and it uses the world famous HX3 sound engine. The most important thing about MAG organs is the layout and controls are 1 to 1 of a vintage Hammond B3, C3 or A100. It's so exact you can take the sides off of a MAG C2 Duet and insert it right in to the case of a B3, C3 or and tonewheel hammond console from the B3 back to a Model A. You can have your MAG customize from the finish and other aspects such as the where or what type of Rotary Speaker switch you want.

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JG3 Tech Products

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JG3 Tech 16 Note Organ Pedalboard

16 Note Organ Pedal Board by JG3

JG3 Tech 24 Note Organ Pedalboard

24 Note Organ Pedalboard by JG3 Tech

JG3 Tech Portable Organ Bench

JG3 Tech Portable Organ Bench
(Pedals Not Inculded)


For those of us the play organ peadels and need a light weight pedal board JG3 Tech peadels are the answer. Default MIDI Channel is 3 but you can change it. Even though these pedals are shorter from front to back they still feel like a vintage set of pedals found on the vintage console organs. even the radis speard, distance between the pedals is dead on and the are connected in the back with a leaf spring like the orginal vintage tonewheel organs.

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Product Support for KeyboardPartner Products

The following are direct links to support from KeyboardPartner for there products. Make sure you select the correct version and model.

Current 3.5 (Mrk 5)
User Manuals
& All Documentation

WEB PAGE FOR ALL Mrk5, version 3.5 products

HX3 MIDI Implementation

USB Drivers - Install Before Using the Remote Software

Document Library

Current and Past Products


Online manuals and documentation on HX3.5 products - Current

Online manuals and documentation on HX3.4 products

Online manuals and documentation on our other products

KeyboardPartner Github Repository Current and archived firmware of all products, schematics and drawings, tools for download

KeyboardPartner Forum

KeyboardPartner HX3 Forum

Discussion with KeyboardPartner team and other HX3 users

Support Requests

Please direct your request via e-mail to Info (at) In case of technical issues please include detailed information on type of device, configuration, and firmware version.